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IKEA and “The Secret Life of Pets”

The family took an early morning trip to IKEA to try out their breakfast.  We have been there many times for lunch but always seem to miss the breakfast cut off.  Our mission today was to get there early and try out their $2.00 breakfast deal.  The meal included: eggs, pancakes, potatoes and sausage.  We… Continue reading IKEA and “The Secret Life of Pets”


Jessica Sprague “Type-Ology Class, “Mixing fonts”

  Yeah!  I feel like I am on a roll.  I never like it when I get far behind on a project, especially when it is a BETA class.  I always hope I will have enough time to ask all the questions that I want to ask.  When it is a new type of class… Continue reading Jessica Sprague “Type-Ology Class, “Mixing fonts”