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The kids had a blast sledding…Me a nervous wreck.  We have this huge hill at a local park where the kids like to run down, ride their bikes down…and now go sledding.  I had to keep telling myself that it would be OK and that this was just winter fun. I am still not sure… Continue reading Sledding


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Science Center

Journaling: We decided to check out the Science Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We were only able to check out a few of the exhibits before Aidan ran through a low door opening without ducking.  After getting him bandaged up and filling out an accident report, the kids were ready to go home. ***Photos from… Continue reading Science Center

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Cincinnati Zoo Layout

This layout from the Cincinnati Zoo is one of my favorites.  I love how this zoo allows people to interact with the animals.  The kids enjoyed feeding the giraffes and the birds.  They even got into a little tickling match with the birds.  I remember this day because my children were just giggling and giggling… Continue reading Cincinnati Zoo Layout

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King’s Island Trip Layout

I finally found some time to get a little scrapbooking done.  I have been spending so much time lately on crochet projects and gifts.  Photography and scrapbooking are another important part of my life.  As you can see these photos were from 2009, so I have a lot of catching up to do. ***Photos from… Continue reading King’s Island Trip Layout

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Avenger Blanket – Completed Blanket (10 of 10)

Here are a few photos of the blanket being put together. Once I finished all 9 of the squares, I did a SC around each of them in their own background color. Then I did a black trim around each of the squares in DC. Then with black yarn I did a sort of mattress… Continue reading Avenger Blanket – Completed Blanket (10 of 10)

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Avenger Blanket – Thor (9 of 10)

I finished with Thor, the 9th and last square.  If you would like to see my Avenger Blanket from the beginning, please go to the 1st post HERE. This is the start of my C2C crochet square.  This was charted at 31×29 on my graph.  Each square will end up about 25″x25″. I let my… Continue reading Avenger Blanket – Thor (9 of 10)

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Avenger Blanket – Loki (8 of 10)

I made the Loki square using Impeccable & Vanna yarn from Michael’s.  I think this square had the least amount of color changes.  I am very happy with the blue that I picked out for the background.  I almost went with a lighter color, but I don’t think it would have turned out as well. … Continue reading Avenger Blanket – Loki (8 of 10)