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Theodore the Teddy Bear

I am working on this pattern for my best friend Romelie. (I will post this Rome after you have seen your gift.)  I wanted to make her a teddy bear and her favorite color is purple.  I didn’t have to go far to find a pattern. One of my favorite crochet book series is “Zoomigurumi“. … Continue reading Theodore the Teddy Bear

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Bentley the Bear

Bentley the Bear is a crochet amigurumi pattern by Stacey Trock.  This particular pattern is part of her Ami Club CAL.  You can find more information about her patterns and ami club at her website…FRESHSTITCHES.The start of Bentley’s arms. Bentley’s two arms. Two ears. Nose. Snout. The first leg is worked up by itself. When… Continue reading Bentley the Bear

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Baby Pullover Sweater, Part 4: Blocking & Finishing

When all the pieces are ready, you will need to block them.  I usually just soak my pieces in cold water, then roll them out with a bath towel.  The towel will get the majority of the water out. I laid out and pinned my sweater back (right side facing up) while it was still… Continue reading Baby Pullover Sweater, Part 4: Blocking & Finishing