Face Masks

I am glad I could put my sewing to good use and make face masks for those who needed them.  I started making a few for friends and family but the need for them just grew.  People I knew, knew others that needed masks as well.  I started off with a basic  style that had a fan fold on each side  with elastic attached for the ears.


Then I came across some of the more fitted masks available through Cricut.  Cricut offered 5 different sizes to accommodate more people.  They had sizes: small youth, large youth, sm/med adult, large adult and XL adult.  These masks would be would me marked on the fabric where to sew and then would be cut out directly by the Cricut.

Once they were cut out, it was time to sew them up and then add the elastic.

The 2 pictures of me with the masks were made with adult large.  I had to later make me more in the adult sm/med size because they were a tad large.

I also changed up the pattern so that the elastic would only go around the ears instead of the whole head.  The whole head version worked fine for my husband who had short hair, but not for me.  It would constantly get tangled in my hair or get hooked up in my hair clip.

NOTE: I have made about 50 face masks in total so far.  My husband has started working on 3D printed face shields for healthcare workers.