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Hexagon Quilt


This hexagon quilt is the 4th class offered by Amy Gibson on BLUPRINT, formally known as CRAFTSY.  I have taken the all 5 of Amy’s classes and have loved them all.  You can find previously blog posts about her class below:

1. Baby Quilt

2. Table Runner

3. Throw Quilt

5. Twisted Chain Quilt

I also did 2 variations on the twisted chain quilt HERE and HERE.


Materials needed for project:

Sewing machine, walking foot, rotary cutter, self-healing mat, hexagon template, half hexagon template, triangle template, clips, thread, fabric and batting.


My husband made me my own plastic templates since I wasn’t having much luck with the paper version.


This is the batting that I like to use.  I always make  sure I use the 100% cotton batting.

I chose my fabric in various shades of grey and purple to match my room.  This is a good stash buster project if you have left over fabric the size of your templates.

The first step was to attach all of the white triangles to the hexagon and half hexagons.

Then I attached each of the hexagons to form rows.

I started attaching all of the rows together.

This is my sewing room where I am working on the quilt.

The finished quilt top.


Making the very large backing for this quilt.

Getting ready to trim the sides and add the pins.  My kids decided to lay down on it to show the massive size of this quilt.


I have laid out and pinned the quilt to get it ready for the quilting process.


The quilting is done and now more trimming to do.  I am cutting the fabric so that all 3 layers are the same before I add the finishing touch….binding.

The process of making my own binding and adding it to the quilt.


The finished quilt.






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