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Bellevue Pouch


Fabric choices for the Bellevue Pouch.


Fabric all cut out and ready to be sewn together.

Here I am basting the exterior fabric to the foam.  It will make the exterior fabric nice and firm and allow it to stand up and keep it’s nice shape.

I first had to cut down the zipper to the correct size.  I always buy my zippers at sizes 18-22 so that they will work for pretty much any project that I do.

Then using my wonder clips, I attached the zipper and sewed it in place.


This is what the zipper looks like in place before I sew up all the sides.  I also added in some top stitching on both by the zipper.


Here I am closing up the inside lining after I have sewn up the sides/bottom and flipped the bag right side out.


My finished bag.

Additional bag photos…

**This pattern is from Sara Lawson at Sew Sweetness**


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