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The Road Trip Wallet

The Road Trip Wallet for June is the last Bag of the Month project for 2018.   This pattern was designed by Janelle MacKay from Emmaline Bags.  If you want to see this club from the beginning, go HERE.


The fabric I chose for this wallet project.  I picked up this fabric at FABRIC.COM.

I have all my fabric cut out and attached to the appropriate interfacing.

These are the steps to complete the 16 credit card slot pockets inside of the wallet.  You start by drawing out each of your lines.  Then you line up each of the small rectangle pieces you cut up to overlap each line.  Then you finish it up by boxing in the sides.  This has been the fasted way I have ever added wallet slots.  It was very quick and easy to complete.

The clear vinyl was used to make the see through slot pocket for your license.  I finished up the pocket but I wish the one side had been a little boxier.  Instead it came out a little lopsided for me.  I was having a few problems keeping the vinyl in place since it wasn’t completely flat.


The finished slots before adding them to the see through card holder.

The inside slots along with the exterior of the wallet.  I used Kam Snaps to wallet to keep it closed.

Adding the zippers to form 2 zippered pockets to the top of the wallet.  (One pocket on each side.)

Both views of the wallet before I sew it and close it up.

20180702_135954~2_resizedOpen interior of wallet.

20180702_135932~2_resizedOpen exterior of wallet.

20180619_140540The closed exterior of wallet.

The Bag of the Month will start back up in January 2019.  They start offering the club in December with a $5 discount.   If you are interested in joining, go HERE.



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