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The Reisende Bag

The Reisende Bag is pattern that is offered by Sara Lawson at Sew Sweetness.  This bag can be made into 3 different sizes.  I made the large size, which is the perfect size for a carry on bag for traveling.  The finished size is about 19″ long x 12″ tall and 5″ deep.  I made this bag for my daughter to take on a plane for her first trip to New York.  As you can see, she is a big Dr. Who fan.  I am happy to saw……..she loved it!


MATERIALS NEEDED: 1 yard exterior fabric, 1 yard lining fabric, 1 yard solid fabric for piping, straps and accents, foam interfacing, fusible fleece, woven interfacing, buckles(I didn’t use), metal rectangles, zippers, and piping.


Here are some of the materials I used for my bag.  I chose to use duck cloth instead of vinyl on this project.

I tried a new approach that I saw on YouTube to cut out the material and interfacing.  I traced everything I needed onto the interfacing first.  Then I cut it out about 1/4″ outside of the lines.  I then took the interfacing and adhered it to the fabric.  Then I cut them both out at once on the lines I traced onto the interfacing.  This way went much faster.  I saved a lot of time not having to trace and cut out the fabric as well as the interfacing.


I had to baste the foam stabilizer to all the exterior fabric of the bag.

I quilted both sides of the bag.  Since the basting area was so big, the side fabric started to balloon out and I wanted it to stay in place.

Attaching the accents to the bag.

Attaching the piping.

Attaching the strap extenders.


Making the lining pocket.

Making the zipper panel.

Assembling the exterior of the bag.

Assembling the interior of the bag.

Attaching the interior lining to the exterior of the bag.  I made sure I aligned the seams at the top and stitched them together to keep the inside of the bag from slouching.


Finishing up the handles for the bag.

Front of the finished bag.


Side of the bag.


Top view of the bag.

Inside of the bag.


My daughter with her new bag. (and our cute pug Poppy.)


Looks like Poppy wants to go with her to New York!



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