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The Holey Mayole Bag

The Holey Mayole is the BOTMC pattern for May 2018.  This pattern was designed by Mrs. H as the fifth installment.  Go HERE to see the first installment of this Bag of the Month Club and other club information.

20180531_150244MATERIALS NEEDED: 1 Yard Outer Fabric, 1/2 Yard Contrast Fabric, 1 Yard Lining Fabric, Yard Foam Stabilizer, Fusible Fleece, Woven interfacing, Tongue Lock/Thumb Catch, rivets, zipper, basting tape, duct tape, zip foot and walking foot.

20180521_113311-2The materials for this bag include: Marvel Fabric (Wal-mart), Blue Fabric (Joann’s), hardware (Hobby Lobby, Joann’s and Emmaline Bags.)

20180528_095029~2Fabric and interfacing cut.

Sewing the flap.

Creating the back pocket.

Creating the lining slip pocket.  I like having a hidden pocket on the inside without a zipper.

Creating the lining zip pocket on the opposite side and finishing up the lining.

Attaching handles on the side of the bag.  The pattern called for handles on the front and the back of the bag.  I want to do just one long strap on each of the sides so I could turn the bag into a hipster.

Finishing up the front locking hardware.  I put another type of locking mechanism on the front of the bag.  I had never tried one of these locks before and I wanted to try something new.

Front view of the Holey Mayole.

Inside view of the bag.

Open view of the bag.


Side view.


Back view.


This is my favorite finished view photo.  I really loved this marvel fabric.  I am thinking of making a matching wallet to go with this purse.  I loved altering this pattern to have the exact finished product I wanted.  I love making bags because I can make them the way I want and not have to settle for an OK bag.




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