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The Stargazer Tote


The Stargazer Tote was the March 2018 Bag of the Month pattern.  You can find out more about the BOTM Club HERE from my first post in January.  If you are looking for a fun club with help and support with your patterns, than you will love this club.  The March pattern was designed by Celine Allaert from Blue Calla Patterns.

Each month I am encouraged to try new things with each pattern.  This month I am really trying my hand at using vinyl.  I had to go out and purchase a teflon foot so my vinyl wouldn’t get scratched up when sewing.  I am also working with piping for the first time.  I was running a little behind on my pattern so I went with store bought piping this time.  There are several videos I found on YouTube to show you how to make your own piping.


Some of my fabric choices, vinyl and hardware.  My fabric is called “Octopus Garden” by Heather Bailey.  I purchased this fabric online, you can find it HERE.  I loved the fabric so much that I purchased it in the gold and pink as well.  The vinyl/faux leather I am using was purchased from Sara Lawson at SEW SWEETNESS.  I ordered all the hardware from EMMALINE BAGS.

I have all of my fabric, vinyl and interfacing all cut out and hooked to their corresponding templates.

The pattern started off working on the adjustable strap assembly.  I had a fun time making my strap with vinyl on one side and fabric on the other.  It definitely gave my bag a classier look.  I used fabric for the side attachment on the gusset because my sewing machine was having trouble handling all the thick layers.

Getting the snaps in place for the two outside pockets.

Attaching the piping between the exterior fabric and the outside pocket fabric.  I was able to do this without using a piping foot.  I chose to use a zipper foot and it got a close up stitch next to the piping cord.

Working on the top vinyl panel and purse handles.  The handle hardware is really sturdy and holds up to this very large bag.

Inside pocket panels.

Attaching the inside zipper pocket.

The top zipper.

The purse exterior.  The outside shell of the purse awaiting the inside lining.

The inside purse lining.  This part always makes me nervous because I have to flip the purse inside out after I attaching the outside and inside together.  In this case, I left the bottom of the inside pocket undone so that I could flip it that way.  Once the bag is flipped, I can close up the bottom part of the pocket with 1/8″ stitch.

Different viewpoints of my finished Stargazer.

One of the ladies from the BOTM made an alteration to this pattern to turn it into a clutch.  She did a really nice job.  I haven’t done that yet so I am going to direct you HERE so you can see the changes for yourself.  I am amazed at all the talented pattern designers in this club.  Every pattern has been easy to follow and the final designs are just beautiful.





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