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The Hayden Bag


The Hayden Bag is a pattern I got from “I Think Sew” online.  I made this bag in a really cute cat fabric by Cotton & Steel.

I always start off my patterns by cutting out all the fabric.  It always me to work faster and cut back on mistakes.

I attached a pocket with its own mini gusset to the front of the bag.  I was able to sew around it easily with the use of wonder clips.


Attaching the flap.

Then I worked on the inside lining with zippered pocket.  I love working on the pockets because I can make them whatever size I need.

I made the top zipper of the bag using my main fabric and lining fabric.  I sewed on the triangle clip hardware and strap holder before attaching it to the gusset.  I did that so you wouldn’t see the seam of the holder when the top zippered piece and gusset were attached together.

The gusset attached to the front of the bag.

Attaching the inner back zipper lining/back exterior main piece to the front piece w/ gusset.  Then I used my pinking shears to trim off all the side and corner pieces.

The finished bag.


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