Necessary Clutch Wallet


The Necessary Clutch Wallet or NCW is a great pattern offered by Janelle Mackay @ Emmaline Bags.  You can purchase a copy of her pattern HERE.  I have tried many of her patterns and they have all been wonderfully written with a large amount of photos.  She also has a Facebook group page dedicated to her patterns.  There are so many wonderful people in that group to help you with questions or encouragement.   You can even catch different YouTube videos about this pattern helping you every step of the way.

The great thing about this pattern is that you can also make so many personal changes to make it truly your own.  You can change the hardware, card slot set up and zipper pockets.  You can even add an additional latch inside inside to keep everything secure when you open the wallet.  I have seen a few people even add a strap  to this wallet to make it more of a mini purse.

Making this clutch was very time consuming but worth it.  I would probably make some changes of my own.  In my top photo, the hardware is covering up my cute little bird.  Next time I would either center my fabric a little better or go with an inside magnetic snap so that the bird wouldn’t be covered.  I would also put in a 2nd zippered pocket next to the other card slot.  I had a little trouble sewing up the pinches sides because it was such a tight fit under my sewing foot.  I will be putting in rivets next time rather than trying to sew them.

These are things you learn as you are working through the steps of the pattern.  It will definitely give me insight on future wallets.


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