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Yuni Messenger Bag

The Yuni Messenger Bag is a great pattern that can be found at “I Think Sew”.  This pattern is very easy to follow, and you will have a nice messenger bag in no time.  The finished size of the bag will be about 13″W x 10″H x 3″D.

Materials Needed: Exterior and Interior Fabric, Interfacing, zippers, d-rings, slide strap adjuster, webbing strap or alternative, gusset loop holder, loop fastener, elastic band and matching thread.

20171111_164730-1These were the two main fabrics that I used for the bag.  I chose the bright blue for my exterior fabric and the mini flowers for my interior fabric.

I cut all of my pieces out and labeled them for easy assembly.  This was a real time saver.  I had to keep measuring out my pieces to make sure I had the right one before I thought to label them.

I also made sure I attached interfacing to all of my pieces.  My favorites are SF-101 and Pellon 77.  The SF-101 stiffens up the cotton fabric nicely so it has a little weight and doesn’t crease.  The Pellon 77 adds the padded to bulk up the bag so it keeps it’s shape and stands up.

The first thing I started on was the front of the bag.  This consisted of two front pockets and the bottom with Velcro at the top to hook to the inside of the bag flap.

I made sure I added the Pellon 77 inside of the flap, added the Velcro and finished the back of the bag with 2 deep pockets.

These are the  gusset (sides and bottom) of the bag.   On the top of each side, I added the d-ring alternative where I intend to attach loop holder to the strap handle.

The before and after picture of the gusset being attached to the front side of the bag.

The gusset has now been attached to the back of the bag and the flap has been sewn into place.

I repeated the process of the exterior bag to finish up the lining.  The only difference is that I left a 6 inch whole at the bottom so I could turn the bag inside out.

Working on the zipper, zipper closure and handle of the bag.

Getting the bag flipped inside out.  Once I flipped it inside out, I closed off the opening I left in the bottom of the bag.  Then I did a whole bunch of pressing to get all the seams nice and crisp.

20171119_191929-1Finished front of the bag.

20171119_191942Finished back of the bag.

20171119_192022-1Inside of the bag.

More close up shots of the finished bag.








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