August 2017 Block of the Month

20170903_145711-1Fabric for the August block of the month.

20170903_155258-1I have everything cut and ready to sew.

20170903_161625-1I took the small light gray squares and made a line from corner to corner so I could see where to put my sew lines.

20170903_162621-1I put the right sides together and put a 1/4″ sew line on each side of the blue line down the middle.  Then I cut along the blue line and ended up with the two quarter square triangles (OST’s)  on the right side of the photo.

20170903_165146-1Then I attached both blocks together.

20170903_165735-1I added them to the teal squares I cut out.

20170903_170349-1This is what my finished corner section block looks like.

20170903_173418-1The finished square after I attached all 4 block sections together.


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