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Twisted Irish Chain

The twisted Irish chain pattern I used makes a quilt that is about 45″ x 45″.  It is the 5th class offered from Amy Gibson at Craftsy.

20170707_222123-1Materials needed: sewing machine, batting, thread, rotary cutter, cutting mat, rulers, marking tools, pins, seam ripper, walking foot (optional), iron and chosen fabric.

Cutting and preparing the fabric as directed by the pattern.

20170708_193647-1I sewed these up in squares of nine.  I worked each 1/4 piece at at time and then I sewed those 4 pieces together.

20170709_181135-1The 4 pieces sewn all together.

20170710_002516-1Quilt sandwich.

20170710_020703-1Pinning and getting ready to quilt.

20170710_020617-1My pinning buddies.  I wish they could actually help me attach the pins.  🙂

20170712_194526Quilting away….this part is really fun.  I just followed in the ditch along the different squares and triangles.

20170712_225632-1I have finished up the quilting and squared off all the sides.

20170713_004100-1Finished top.

20170713_004134-1Finished bottom.




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