Cartwheel Quiltologie Mini Kit

20170622_203514-1I am loving these Quiltologie Mini Kits from Joann Fabrics.  I have only seen these for purchase in store.  This particular kit is very quick to put together and you end up with an 18″ x 18″ mini quilt.  I made it for a wall hanging in my living room.  This quilt on the wall really does pop.

20170622_203520-1Materials needed: 20″x 20″ batting, thread, rotary cutter, cutting mat, rulers, marking tools, pins, seam ripper, scissors, sewing machine, walking foot (optional), iron and cardstock to make template.

20170622_203752-1Here is the fabric included in the kit.  It is enough fabric for the top and backing.  You just need to supply the batting.


Attach the white strips with color strips to form a wide enough strip to cut out pinwheel squares.

20170706_202714-1Once your pieces are cut, sewn together and ironed, use your template to cut out the pinwheel squares.  For the template, I actually just purchased a 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ square ruler and taped the paper template on top of it.

20170706_203215-1Four of the completed squares.

20170706_214021-1The rest of the square colors cut out.

20170706_214426-1I pieced the 4 parts together to form a pinwheel.  Now I just need to sew all four pieces together.

20170706_215316-1Finished pinwheel.  I attached the top 2 together first and then the bottom 2 squares together.  Then I attached the complete top and bottom together.

20170706_224050-1All the pinwheels are ready to be laid out.

20170706_224421-1Pinwheel layout.

20170706_231443-1Pieces and rows sewn together.

20170706_232147-1My quilt sandwich.

20170706_233433-1The sandwich is pinned and all ready to quilt.

20170707_011956-1It is now quilted, trimmed and squared off on the edges.  Now it is time for the binding.


The binding.

20170707_013040Attaching the binding on the back first.  Then I will flip it over and do the front.

20170707_015543Adjusting the binding to fit flat at the end.

20170707_023138-1Front of my finished mini quilt.

20170707_023233-1Back of my finished mini quilt.





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