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Newt…..Poppy’s new buddy

Here is our newest pug…………..Fantastic Newt.  He is super cute and super lovable.  The perfect friend and playmate to Poppy.  Newt is a little guy at 3.5 lbs. but he has already grown so much.

The first time I saw him he was so tiny.  We knew he was the right one for us instantly.  We had to leave him for 3 weeks until he was old enough to come home with us.

When finally went back to pick him up, my daughter claimed him for her own.  They had so much in common already… napping.

We already love him so much.

He is such a character.

My son and me playing with Newt.

Newt & Poppy napping.

Still napping.

And yet still napping…..the wonderful life of being a puppy.

Newt & Poppy ready to go outside and play.

Ready to play.

Emerson & Newt


Here is an update on Poppy enjoying her first taste of doggy ice cream.

I think she really liked it!

Yep…She has the mustache to prove it.


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