Quilted Table Runner



I took another quilting class at Craftsy to make my Table Runner.  This class was also offered by Amy Gibson.  It was her 2nd class in a 4 part series.  Her first quilting class showed me how to make a crib blanket.  You can read about that HERE.

Materials needed for project:

Sewing machine, walking foot, patchwork foot, rotary cutter, self-healing cutting mat, quilting rulers, straight pins, 50 WT thread, Size 2 safety pins, batting, solid white fabric,  fat squares and  fat eighths.

The finished size of this table runner will be about 16″ x 56″.

20170430_190422-1Here is the fabric I used for the runner.  I actually purchased the class kit.  The only thing I needed to supply as far as fabric was the batting.

20170430_190925-1I cut all my fabric in the sizes specified in the pattern.

20170430_191547-1After my squares were cut, I had to place a white one and a pattern one together and mark them down the middle for sewing.

20170430_200858-1My finished square piles.

20170501_221622-1I chained stitched all my squares to make the sewing quicker.

20170501_233511-1Then I trimmed up my squares.  This is what my new half & half squares look like.

20170502_001910-1I ironed and starched my squares so they would be all set for trimming and squaring off.

20170502_194548-1I used a 4.5″x4.5″ ruler to square off my squares.  I put some of this rubber on the back so that it would move while I was cutting.  I was having trouble with my ruler slipping on me.

20170502_202043-1My squares all perfectly trimmed and all the same size.

20170502_202328-1Squares all ready to go…

20170502_231010-1I set out my squares in the order I wanted them to be in my runner.

20170502_212007-1I collected each row and stacked them in a pile to get ready to sew.  I numbered each of the rows so I wouldn’t get them mixed up when it came time to attach them together.

20170503_235652-1My finished rows.

The color blocks I chose for the back of the runner.

20170504_103035Here are the blocks (bottom of runner) all put together.

20170504_162347-1The start of my quilt sandwich.

20170504_170730-1The 3 rows of my quilt sandwich together and pinned.

20170505_172433I have attached my walking foot and I am making straight lines down the length of my runner.  This is the first time I have used a walking foot so I know my lines will not be too straight or accurate.  This is really fun.  I love how smoothly the fabric is being pulled through.

20170505_172444A close up of some of the lines.

20170505_211040The front of the runner with quilting lines.

20170505_211059The back of the runner with quilting lines.

20170505_211107Another photo from the back of the runner.

20170505_215646-1Here I had to square off the ends of my runner. (front side)

20170505_215744-1The back view of the runner with squared off sides.

20170505_220735I am now taking my white strips and sewing them together to make one long bias strip for my binding.  My setting it up this way and cutting along the diagonal, I will end up with a nice binding without lumps.

20170505_232114Attaching the strip at 3/8″.  Getting ready to fold it over so I can stitch around to close off binding.

20170506_001029I ended up machine stitching the binding while the class called for hand stitching.  I just don’t think I had it in me to hand stitch this whole thing.  I made a few errors along the way, but I still love how it turned out.

20170506_001038My finished table runner.


(I am now ready for class 3 which will be a cozy throw quilt)






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