Amigurumi · Crochet & Knitting

Kenny the Giraffe

Kenny the Giraffe is an amigurumi pattern by “One & Two Company.”  It is a pattern from the Little Explorers Series.  I used Impeccable and Vanna yarn that I purchased at Michael’s.

Materials needed for this project:

3mm crochet hook, 4mm crochet hook, worsted yarn, DK yarn, stuffing, eyes, scissors and a needle.

20170119_202117Here I started with head and ears.

20170119_202141The 2 horns.

20170119_204036Attaching the horns to the head.

20170119_225707I used pins to keep the eyes in place so I could attach them.

20170119_231829Eyes attached.


20170120_010355The snout.


20170203_000927The legs worked on up the body to the neck.

20170203_010814Filled body with stuffing.

20170203_015336Boy attached.  All he needs now is his spots.

20170204_003905Marking the spots in place with pins.

20170204_011520Kenny all finished and ready to go.


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