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Howard the Fox (Aviator Fox)

Howard the Fox is an awesome pattern offered by “One and Two Company“.  I love the colors and the eyes used in the original pattern.  Most of my colors were made using Vanna’s Choice Yarn.

20161223_234657_resizedStarting the nose.


20161224_020119_resizedI like how the pattern has the nose and head attached as one part.

20170117_163125The aviator hat.

20170117_163712The aviator lenses.


20170118_004159The aviator glasses.

20170117_163757The arms.

20170117_163849The ears.

20170117_230658The legs and body worked as one piece.

20170118_001012A close up of the head with the eyes, ears and hat attached.

20170118_004311Now adding on the glasses.

20170118_224807Here is a picture of me using pins to hold the tail on for attachment.

20170118_021745-1The finished cutie with his scarf.

20170118_021754-1I definitely enjoyed making this pattern.


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