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Poppy the Troll Hat

This troll hat is for my 4 year old troll loving great-niece Olivia.  I am trying very hard to keep up with her changing favorite things.  So far her love has gone from My Little Pony, mermaid tail blankets, Shopkins and now Trolls.  She definitely allows me plenty of practice on my crochet skills.

I found this awesome pattern at an awesome site called “Just Crafting Around“.  You can pick her pattern up there for free.  I used Big Twist (light pink) and Stylecraft yarn (bright pink) for this project.  Any worsted weight yarn will work.  This pattern is very forgiving.

20161204_011100I started the top cone of the hat and wasn’t sure if it was going to be too small.  I am glad I didn’t go with a larger size because the hat stretched longer as I worked on it.

20161204_143116The completed cone part of the hat.

20161204_202654The two ears.  I had to fold them down and in half before I attached them to the hat.

20161204_205406The hat is looking good with the ears.

20161204_214308-1The start of hours and hours of hair work.  I spent well over 15 hours attaching and combing out this hair.  I am not sure I would have attempted this project had I known about the crazy hair.

20161204_223422-1Attaching the hair row by row.

20161204_231826Once I attached the hair, I had to pull apart every strand and separate them.  The hair couldn’t be brushed out until every piece was separated.

20161205_000713-1Another row of yarn.

20161205_190824-1At this point I was going blind from all the separating.

20161205_233829By this point I wished to rip out my own hair.  The cute factor of the hat and my niece kept me going at this point.  I added on the safety eyes.

20161206_010957-1A section of the yarn that came off the hat once it was brushed.

20161206_011031-1I took a picture of it next to the hat so you would get an idea of how much yarn comes off as you brush it.  It was like brushing out one of my huskies.

20161206_011046-1Looking cute!

20161214_194958-1I think I found a good spot to start separating the hair part.

20161220_131917-1I noticed the spot was still a little “holey”  so I added in a few more rows of yarn. (Which had to be separated and brushed out again.)


Looking good with the hair band.


The finished hat. I added on the lashes around the top of the eyes to make them pop.  I have a few little clips to put on the hat that look like hair jewels.  I sure hope she gets good use out of this hat.


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