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Theodore the Teddy Bear

I am working on this pattern for my best friend Romelie. (I will post this Rome after you have seen your gift.)  I wanted to make her a teddy bear and her favorite color is purple.  I didn’t have to go far to find a pattern.

One of my favorite crochet book series is “Zoomigurumi“.  The series has 5 books so far and contains patterns from various crocheters.  I couldn’t even begin to pick out a favorite book.   The bear pattern I just finished up can be found in Zoomigurumi 5.  I pick up most of my books at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

20161128_215353-1The start of the nose and face.

20161129_001436The completed face and head.

20161129_004448The start of the hat for Theodore.


20161129_205036I then had to crochet the hat to the head. (It definitely won’t be coming off this bear anytime soon.)

20161130_021636I have added on the ears.

20161130_141731Two little legs & boots.

20161130_143250I hooked the two legs together.

20161201_181855-1The front view of the completed bear.

20161201_181908-1The back view of the bear.

20161201_181946-1A close up of the bear sitting down.


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