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Bentley the Bear

Bentley the Bear is a crochet amigurumi pattern by Stacey Trock.  This particular pattern is part of her Ami Club CAL.  You can find more information about her patterns and ami club at her website…FRESHSTITCHES.20161126_144308The start of Bentley’s arms.

20161126_151235Bentley’s two arms.

20161126_153912Two ears.



20161126_164643The first leg is worked up by itself.

20161126_171937When you are finished with the 2nd leg, you attach it to the 1st leg.

20161126_172411Here is a picture once the two legs are attached together.  There will be a small space in the middle that you just sew up so it looks like one piece.


Then you work up from the legs and start to form the body.  When you reach the spot where the arms go, you just crochet them into the sides.  It makes for a much cleaner look than adding them on later.

20161126_185330At this point I have worked up to the head.

20161126_202008Once I finished up the head, I added on the ears.

20161126_211402I used place holders to mark the spot where I would be adding the nose and snout.

20161126_211843Here is a cute picture of the face once I attached the nose/snout and added the eyes.  I decided to go with brown eyes for this bear.


The completed bear.


I had so much fun making the first bear, that I decided to make a 2nd one.  I really wanted this one to have blue eyes.


You will notice that my bears are 2 different sizes.  This is what will happen when you use different size hooks.  I used a size 4/G hook for the pink bear and a size 5/H hook for the brown one.


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