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Baby Pullover Sweater, Part 1: The Back

This sweater is a pattern by Debbie Bliss.  You can find it in her book called, “Design It, Knit It Babies”.  The pattern is called “striped pullover” and can be found on page 14 of the book.  You can also find the just the pattern on RAVELRY.   If you head to the ravelry page you can see a finished picture of the pullover from the designer.

PULLOVER SWEATER 6I am using Cotton Fair by Premier Yarns.  This yarn is 52% cotton and 48% acrylic.  I decided to use the Cloud Gazing colors rather than stripe the sweater myself.  It has been awhile since I worked on a knitting project vs. a crochet project and I wanted to make sure everything lined up correctly.  I purchased this yarn at Michael’s and they have a great in store selection of colors. The Cloud Gazing was the only multi color yarn I could see that would work for a boy.

PULLOVER SWEATER 3I picked up this nice Yarnology Bowl at Hobby Lobby.  It keeps my yarn from going all over the place and getting tangled.

PULLOVER SWEATER 1The pattern starts on the back of the sweater.  This is the bottom of the ribbing on the back.

PULLOVER SWEATER 4I have made it up the back of the sweater past the armholes.  This yarn is so soft and knits up so nice.  The cotton in the yarn is keeping it from separating.  This sweater should look nice even after tons of washing.

PULLOVER SWEATER 5Here is a better picture of the back.

PULLOVER SWEATER 7I just have to finish up the neck and the back will be finished.


This is the finished back.  The one side is longer than the other because it will have two buttons to open so you can get the sweater over the baby’s head.




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