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Second Floral Tote

20160216_172520_HDRMy second tote bag came out so much better than the first one I made a few days ago.  I can already see the progress in my sewing.  This tote was made using a pattern that was supplied to me in my Craftsy class.  More information on this class and my first attempt at a tote bag can be found HERE.

20160216_172701_HDRHere are the pieces of fabric I cut per the pattern instructions.  I find I like to have everything finished and cut before I actually begin sewing.  I want to make sure I have enough fabric for my project before I begin.  I purchased this fabric at Joann Fabrics in their remnant section.  When you buy remnants it is not always clear on how much you have or how the pattern will look for a particular project. (Another good reason for cutting all the fabric ahead of time).

My next step was to match up the proper pieces:

  1. Photo 1 – top and bottom exterior pieces sewn together. (back)
  2. Photo 2 – top and bottom exterior pieces sewn together. (front)
  3. Photo 3 – Exterior front and back pieces sewn together.

20160217_010613_HDRThis is the exterior of the finished tote.

20160217_010716_HDRInterior of the finished tote.  I didn’t make a pocket with this one so it can be reversible and still look nice.


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