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Floral Zipper Pouch with Matching Reversible Tote


It is official.  I am obsessed with making bags.  With sewing my addiction is bags and with crochet my addiction seems to be blankets and amigurumi.  I love my new matching tote and pouch set.  It took me about 2 days to make both.  I can turn the bag inside out depending on my mood.

I just had to cut my fabric and attach the zipper.  You can find more info on how to make a zippered pouch in a previous post HERE.  I learned to make this pouch by taking a free sewing class at CRAFTSY.  The class I took was a basic sewing class taught by Kristin Link.  She was an excellent instructor and really did show every step she took to make the pouch.

Here are some different views of the pouch.  Kristin did show a nice technique using a glue stick vs. pins to keep the zipper in place so that you could sew right over it without it shifting at all. (So in some of the pictures you may see a little bit of the glue drying).

Here are few combinations of the tote and pouch together.  I like being able to reverse out the tote.   Working on all these totes and pouches has  really helped my stitches.  I noticed my stitches are straighter and I can use the machine at a little bit quicker pace.

Craftsy offers a second free sewing class with Kristin Link.  The class is called: Bag Making Basics – Drawing String & Bucket Bag.  This class includes: 5 videos with detailed instructions, downloadable course materials and a classroom where you can get any questions you have answered.  The best part is that it is all FREE.


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