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Zippered Pouch


I have just finished up this really cute zippered pouch.  My last post was about the Craftsy class that I was taking.  It was a sewing class that showed how to make a reversible tote and zippered pouch.  You can find the link to that post HERE.  I was very pleased with the class and the instructor Kristin Link.


Here are my pieces of cut fabric.  I am now ready to get started on adding the zipper and sewing up my pouch.


This is the front piece with my zipper now attached.

The above pictures include: finished pouch (front), finished pouch (back) and finished pouch (open).

This was a really fun project to make.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle a project with a zipper but it turned out ok.  My zippered pouch was a little smaller than the instructors because I had to adjust for a smaller zipper.  I can’t wait to practice on a few more totes and zippered pouches.  Hopefully I will improve a little bit with each one.



UPDATE[2.17.16]: I made a bigger pouch (top) in the same floral pattern.  I just so happened to have a little more of the floral fabric and a matching zipper.


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