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First Attempt at a Tote Bag

I enjoy taking many of the classes that are offered online at Craftsy.  The offer a variety of classes on: cooking, cake & cookie decorating, paper crafts, sewing, quilting, knitting & crochet, photography, drawing and design.  Craftsy offers both free and paid classes.  I usually go for the yarn, photography/design or baking classes but decided to try something new.  I chose to give sewing a try.

I signed up for the free sewing class called, “Bag-Making Basics: Reversible Tote & Zipper Pouch.  You can find the link to that class right HERE.  This class was taught by a really great instructor named Kristin Link.  Her class was wonderful for a beginner and she slowly showed you all the steps from beginning to end.


I made the tote bag above in one day.  It took me about 5 hours to make since I was going back and forth between the video and the sewing machine.  It was a really fun project and has inspired me to make more bags and work on other sewing projects.  For this tote, I just used fabric that I had at home.  I didn’t want to go out and get new fabrics because I new I would make plenty of mistakes on the first one. (which you will see in my various photos).


Here is the fabric I used to make this project.

The photos above shows where I cut all my fabric to the sizes needed to complete the tote. The pattern was labeled and diagrammed so you would know all the measurements needed to get started.


The next step was to sew the exterior tops and bottoms together.



Then I need to sew both of them together to form the outside of the tote.  I also went ahead and made he handles.


When it was time to work on the inside of the bag, I had to make sure I attached the pocket onto one of the inside pieces of fabric first.  Then I put the right sides together and attached them.  After I added the handles, the inside was ready to be sewn inside the outer part of the tote.  Once they were sewn together I pulled the bag inside out through the small hole I left at the top.  I closed up the whole and my tote was finished.


This bag is reversible but I prefer to keep it the way I have it above.  I think it looks a little funny inside out since there is a small pocket.  If I want my next reversible, I would personally choose to leave out the pocket.  I would also make the handle or straps longer.

Overall I was very happy with the bag.  I made a lot less mistakes than I thought I would.  I have learned that I need a little steadier hand to make my stitches straight.

I am off to try the second part of the class which dealt with making a zippered pouch.  I have to say I am a little nervous to work with a zipper.  I am sure the second half of the class will be just as fun and informative as the first half.




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