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Family Christmas Layout (from way back when)

Christmas 2009 has finally arrived….a little more than 6 years later.  I am not sure how most of you scrapbook, but I usually work on whatever photos appeal to me at the time.  I am working on these older photos because I am so far behind.  I usually like to work with more recent photos so that I am not constantly living in the past with all of my memories.  If I constantly did old ones, I would never catch up to the NOW.

I didn’t start scrapbooking when all of my children were babies.  I started when my youngest was 3 months old.  As of today my children are 18 (almost 19), 14 and 11.  I had quite a bit of back tracking to do through the years.  I love looking back on all the things that we have done as a family.  It really makes me appreciate how lucky I am.

***Photos from 2009, Layout finished today***





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