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Avenger Blanket – Completed Blanket (10 of 10)

20160102_222607_HDRHere are a few photos of the blanket being put together. Once I finished all 9 of the squares, I did a SC around each of them in their own background color. Then I did a black trim around each of the squares in DC.

20160103_212314_HDR-1Then with black yarn I did a sort of mattress stitch attaching each of the squares together. I did this on the front and back of the blanket to make sure it was really secure.  I finished the blanket off with a black trim of DC, and a double stranded SC in blue.

20160103_205556_HDRMy daughter enjoying her new blanket.  She said it is so warm and cozy.

20160103_205711_HDRMy daughter and I snuggling under the blanket.  I am so happy that she loved it.  When she went in her room and first saw it, all I heard was loud squealing.

20160103_212402_HDR-1I don’t think she is ever going to let it go…