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Avenger Blanket – Hawkeye (7 of 10)

20151214_043941_HDR-1Lucky number 7 is Hawkeye.  He has been the easiest and quickest square to make so far.  It took a little time to get his bow right, but basically an easy square to make.

20151210_043223_HDR-1I began the corner using Impeccable Yarn in cherry.  This is a nice shade of red that is close to the Avenger colors.

20151211_030633_HDR-1I always put a clip in the lower right hand corner of my squares.  This makes sure I keep track of the front and back sides of the square.  It is easy to make a mistake when you convert a graph into written words.  Every so often I double check to make sure I calculated correctly.  It is important to know what side I am looking at when I am counting the stitches.


20151212_013638_HDR-1One more corner to go….

20151213_070119_HDR-1 If you want to see my blanket from the beginning, please check out my Ironman post.  I found the Ironman graph for free @ Jenna’s Crochet on Facebook




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