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Avenger Blanket – Captain America (6 of10)


20151209_185719_HDR-1I chose Captain America for my 6th block to make.  Captain America is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel series.  In this block, I really liked how the Fern Green color I used really popped.  I used both Impeccable and Vanna Yarn for this block.  If you want to see my blanket from the beginning, please check out my Ironman post.

20151205_030508_HDR Beginning to my C2C blanket.

20151205_072632_HDR-1 Color changes were really smooth on this block.  Luckily I didn’t have to do a lot of changes until I reached the middle.

20151207_030941_HDR-1 Here is where the craziness began.  Don’t let all the chaos fool you.  This is a fun and awesome project to work on.  It is important to just keep your yarn organized so that everything doesn’t get all tangled up.


20151209_002718_HDR-1 This part is really exciting because you know you are almost done and will be working with just the one color again.


20151209_190303_HDRMy finished Captain America Square.  My son is oblivious as he is playing his video game.  He does give you another good reference to the size of the square.  Again, the finished blanket will be 9 squares with additional trim along the sides.


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