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Avenger Blanket – Nick Fury (5 of 10)

Avenger Nick Fury 1

This block is Nick Fury from Avengers.  You can find where I began this project with Ironman HERE.  I am making this blanket using the C2C method mentioned in an earlier blog post.  The original graph for Fury can be found on Facebook @ Jenna’s Crochet.

Avenger Nick Fury 2The purple color wasn’t as bad to work with as the black, but it was close.  I recommend working on any dark colored backgrounds you may have during the day with natural light.

Avenger Nick Fury 3When I get halfway through a square, I get so excited because you can really see the character coming to life.  You can see that all the hard work you are putting into the project taking shape.  I know with each block that I complete, it will be one step closer to seeing my daughter’s face when she opens up her gift.  A gift made especially for her and her passion for Avengers.

Avenger Nick Fury 4Again, here is some of the craziness that goes along with a C2C project.   Every once in a while I forget to rotate my bowls of yarn and this is what I will get.

Avenger Nick Fury 5Now with Nick Fury completed,  I am off to work on Captain America.

Avenger Nick Fury 6 Here is the square next to my husky Liam.  This should give you an idea of how big these squares really are in size.  I hope you are enjoying this blanket as much as I am.






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