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Avenger Blanket – Black Widow Square (4 of 10)


My 4th block choice to make is Black Widow. 

Black Widow 5For those of you that have just seen my site, you can find where I began this project HERE.  I am making this blanket using the C2C method mentioned earlier in my blog.

Black Widow 2I like to use the Impeccable yarn from Michael’s when I make blankets.  My favorite crochet hooks to use are the Clover Amour Hooks I purchased at Joann Fabrics.

Black Widow 3This bright yellow is a really fun color to work with.  It is really making the red hair pop in this block.  The yellow color is called, “Sunny Day”.

Black Widow 4This picture is a little messy, but I wanted to show you the little bowls that I have been using to keep my yarn balls from rolling around.  I like to use the clips when I am dealing with small sections of the same color yarn.  When I need to use more yarn, I like to set them up in these little plastic bowls.  I just rotate the bowls to the other side when I flip my work.   I have noticed with each block that I have added or deleted different things.  By the end of this project, I will hopefully have a complete system down that I want to use regularly.  I personally like working with things that make my work go faster and smoother.

Black Widow 1If you are interested in making this project, you can find the original graph on Facebook @ Jenna’s Crochet.  Good Luck & Happy Crocheting!




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