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Avenger Blanket – Avenger A (3 of 10)

I chose the “Avenger A” for my third block to work on.  I decided to switch the colors for this graph.  I made the letter white and the background black.  Here is the Avenger A:

Avenger A 1

This graph can be found at Jenna’s Crochet on Facebook.  She designed this graph and it is available on her Facebook page.  I used Impeccable yarn from Michael’s for this block, but you can use any worsted weight yarn.  This block is made using C2C crochet.  If you don’t know what that is, you can find a video link right HERE.  The link will take you to one of my earlier posts where I found a C2C crochet video on Youtube.  It is not my own video, but it is the best one I have seen so far online.

Avenger A 2Here is the start of this square.  I am hoping this one will be quick since I am only using 2 colors for this block.

Avenger A 3I try to weave in my ends on every other row.  It gets rid of some of the chaos with a project that has so many strings attached.  I find the black yarn very hard to see without direct sunlight.  This will definitely be a block I will need to work on during the day.

Avenger A 4I don’t know if I am more excited to be finished with a third block, or just glad to be done with the black for awhile.  I wonder if everyone else has as much trouble with the dark colors as I do.

Avenger A 5This block came out great.  I am so glad I went with the white letter and black background.  I don’t think I would have liked it in reverse.  I am considering using black between the squares and around the whole blanket when I am done.  Now….on to block 4.












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