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Avenger Blanket – Hulk Square (2 of 10)

The Hulk was my inspiration today.  I don’t know if it was because I just love the hulk or if I was looking forward to using the pretty orange Impeccable yarn.  Here is the block made from a graph:

Hulk 1You can find the graph for this at Jenna’s Crochet on Facebook.  She designed the graph and you can pick it up on her Facebook page.  I will be using Impeccable worsted weight yarn for this project.  This yarn can only be purchased at Michael’s.

Hulk 2

This blanket is worked used the C2C crochet method.  You can find the link in an earlier post right HERE.  When working on the graph, make sure you read “up” for all odd rows, and read “down” for all even rows.

Hulk 3

This block worked up a little quicker than the Ironman block because I didn’t have to make as many color changes.

Hulk 4

I found using clips and jumbo popsicle sticks allowed me to keep all my threads from getting really tangled up.   I would just rotate them from one side as I turned my work.  I found these great clips and popsicle sticks at the dollar store. They had the clips 6 for a dollar.  The popsicle sticks were 60 for a dollar.

Hulk 5

As you are starting to decrease, make sure you don’t pull too tight on your stitches.  You don’t want the corner to turn out smaller and tighter than the other side.  Just keep your stitches loose.

Hulk 6Here is my finished Hulk square.  It is also 25 inches like the Ironman square.  I put them together to make sure they were the same size.  I don’t want any surprises when I go to put these together.  Two down, and seven more to go…

















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