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Avenger Blanket – Ironman Square (1 of 10)

I have decided to work on an Avenger’s Blanket for my daughter for Christmas.  I just wish I would find cool projects when I wasn’t so limited on time.  I will attempt to complete this project in 45 days.  Wish me luck!

I will be using Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn from Michael’s.  You can find it in store or at Michael’s online.  If you choose to use this brand of yarn, it is only sold at Michael’s.  If you would like to use another brand of yarn, make sure it is worsted weight yarn.
Ironman 6 I found the Ironman graph for free @ Jenna’s Crochet on Facebook.  She took the time to make the graph and post it on Facebook.  She made all the graphs that I will be using to make this blanket.  I am so grateful for her talent because I know my daughter will just love this blanket when it is completed.  If you would like to make this graph yourself, visit Jenna’s site link above and you can get the graph on her Facebook page.

Ironman 2This blanket is made using the C2C Crochet method.  I posted a video I found on YouTube in one of my earlier posts.  You can find it HERE.  It shows you how to work a blanket using C2C.

Ironman 3It starts off pretty easy until you get to the point where you have to start switching up the colors.  You will notice that the graph will keep increasing a stitch at a time until you reach the center.

Ironman 4Then it gets a little crazy in the middle.  The middle is where you will find you do most off your color changes.  It has the most stitches across at this point.  With this particular graph I have 29 stitches total, right smack in the middle.  Once you are in the center, you will maintain the same amount of stitches for a few rows.

Ironman 5Now that I have passed the center, I will start decreasing a stitch at a time.  I noticed when I got further up that I made a mistake on one side of the face.  I made 3 of the blocks gray that should have been red.  I wasn’t able to go back and fix them because I had already weaved in all my ends.  So when I got to the other side, I made sure the same 3 blocks where gray also so that it would look evened out. 

My mistake was looking at a black and white print out of the graph.  I ran out of colored ink so I printed it off in gray scale and messed myself up.  So when I looked quickly I thought it was gray, but it was really red.  So I highly recommend that you use colored graphs whenever doing a project like this.

Ironman 6Here is my finished graph.  This particular project has each section/character at 29×31 boxes.  When I finished it up, it measured about 25 inches.  This blanket consists of 9 character boxes and will be a pretty large throw blanket when I am finished.





























2 thoughts on “Avenger Blanket – Ironman Square (1 of 10)

    1. I probably used about 20 skeins of the colored yarn. I bought one of the huge worsted weight skeins of the black yarn for the squares and trim. The background colors took almost a skein by itself. Then I shared the other skeins between the squares as needed.


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