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Rascal the Raccoon Lovey (Crochet Amigurumi Blankie)

Rascal the raccoon 1

Rascal the Raccoon Lovey is an awesome pattern designed by Carolina Guzman.  You can find her pattern HERE on Ravelry, or HERE on her “One and Two Company” website.  

Rascal the raccoon 2

Carolina Guzman also has a Facebook Group you can join that helps you with the patterns and offers various discounts on patterns.  I was stuck on the ears at one point and I had several people on the Facebook site help me out.  Her Facebook group also does CAL (crochet along) throughout the year where everyone can vote on a pattern and work on it together.  It is a wonderful group filled with very helpful people.

Rascal the raccoon 3

I made this pattern using my scrap yarn.  It is a wonderful project to use up some of that extra yarn you have lying around.



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