My Little Man is Eleven

Today was a very busy day. (My son’s birthday!)  We started our morning by taking Aidan on a walk to get his favorite “hot fries” and “slush”.

aidan eleven 1

aidan eleven 2 Aidan and Mom.

aidan eleven 3Aidan and Dad.

aidan eleven 4We took Aidan to the skateboard store so he could pick out his own custom skateboard.  

aidan eleven 5He picked out an awesome green and black one with a skeleton on it.

aidan eleven 6For lunch we went to a local pizza joint and ordered a deep dish pepperoni pizza…

aidan eleven 7and a thin cheese pizza.

aidan eleven 8

aidan eleven 9He was treated to a yummy ice cream cookie dessert.

aidan eleven 10I think he really enjoyed his birthday lunch!

aidan eleven 11We headed to the hockey game.  Aidan’s best friend was able to join in on all the fun activities of the day.  I think we were wearing those two out.

aidan eleven 12He even got to ride on the zamboni….

aidan eleven 13and get a visit from the mascot!

aidan eleven 14He was ready to head home and eat his birthday cake and play with a few of his gifts.

aidan eleven 15He was able to blow out all the candles.

aidan eleven 16His Minecraft Legos.

aidan eleven 17Lego City Legos.

aidan eleven 18and other goodies…

aidan eleven 19and a set of skateboard circuit boards from Grandma.



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