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On My List of Things to Make: Little Lion Crochet Baby Blanket, By: DadasPlace on Etsy

I came across this wonderful pattern and I  just knew I had to add it to my list of things to make.  It is the most adorable lion crochet blanket.  It could easily be made for a boy or a girl for a shower or birthday gift. (Disclaimer: Photos are not mine).

little lion blanket 1
This crochet blanket, pattern and photo can be found on ETSY at DadasPlace right HERE.  The designer on DadasPlace did such a wonderful job creating this blanket pattern.  I have checked out her site and she has received such wonderful reviews.

little lion blanket 2
Her instructions look so clear and she offers over 100 photos to help you with her pattern.  The finished blanket should be 33.5″ x  33.5″.  Her pattern is written in American Crochet terms. 
If you get a chance, check out this wonderful little shop on ETSY.  I have added this pattern to my list of projects I would like to complete. 

I don’t know how designer’s can create such wonderful patterns.  I am just grateful they do for people like me that wouldn’t know the first thing about designing a pattern.



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