Highbanks Metro Park

 highbanks 1

highbanks 4

highbanks 3

highbanks 2Getting the dogs fueled up and ready for their walk.

highbanks 5Emerson and Liam stopping for a pose.  They are wondering what is taking Daddy and Sawyer so long.

highbanks 6Daddy and Sawyer posing for Mommy.  Sawyer wishes I would quit taking photos so that she could just walk.

highbanks 7Aidan found a dandy walking stick for the walk.  I have no doubt he will fool around with it and get it taken away before the walk is over.  We will see. 🙂

highbanks 8

highbanks 9The park has a lot of open field, hills and trails.

highbanks 10Top of the hill looking down at the world.

highbanks 11

highbanks 12Emerson and Liam racing down the hill.

highbanks 13Aidan jumping down the hill with his stick.  This is the moment where he got his stick taken away.  Sorry buddy…but you know better than to jump and race down a hill with a big stick. 😦

highbanks 14A pretty flower growing in the middle of the fields.

highbanks 15Water fun.

highbanks 16All the shale in this stream is a site to see.  We had a fun time exploring this Metro Park.  The kids and the dogs got plenty of fresh air and exercise today.


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