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Brookfield Zoo

Since we were already in Chicago for Aidan’s photo shoot, we decided to stay a little longer and visit the Brookfield Zoo.  We were only able to see a few places in the zoo because we had a long drive ahead of us.  We bought a membership and have plans to come back here next week. (Madison will be able to come with us on that visit since she wasn’t able to come this time).

zoo 1

zoo 2This zoo is so awesome.  It has it’s own dolphin show and exhibit.  It is just so amazing.  It is as wonderful as the one at Seaworld we saw last week in Florida.

zoo 3Waiting for the show to begin.

zoo 4

zoo 5

zoo 7

zoo 8

zoo 9

zoo 10Emerson and Aidan got to feed the sting rays.  I don’t think I could ever touch that smelly fish like that.  Yuck!

zoo 11Aidan and me on the carousel.

zoo 12Emerson and daddy.

zoo 13Ronald and me.  Sometimes it is just fun to be a kid.

zoo 14Emerson on her favorite animal….the wolf!

zoo 15

zoo 16This butterfly felt the need to land on Ron’s head.

zoo 17

zoo 18

zoo 19

zoo 20 I really loved this butterfly.

zoo 21



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