Aidan’s Photo Shoot at Legoland Discovery Center in Chicago

legoland 1Aidan was 1 of about 10 kids chosen to go to the Legoland Discovery Center In Chicago to participate in a photo shoot.  The photo shoot was for their website, brochures and possibly a commercial.  This was such a good opportunity for him since he would like to be a Lego Master Builder and an Engineer.


legoland 2Here Aidan is nervously waiting for the store to open up early for the photo shoot.

  legoland 3

legoland 4


For their first challenge, the kids were given a box of legos and were told they only had 30 minutes to build 1 of the 3 challenges inside the box.  They could build two of the stationary objects, or a windmill with moving parts.  Aidan and his partner Evan was the only one to choose the moving parts challenge.  They had the hardest challenge and they finished before all the other kids.  Aidan’s  partner Evan seemed to be just as smart about the mechanics of Legos as him.

 legoland 5

legoland 13

legoland 12

legoland 10

legoland 9

legoland 8

legoland 7

legoland 6——————————————————————————————————————————————–

 There next challenge was to build a bridge that would support varies weights:

legoland 13

legoland 14

legoland 15———————————————————————————————————————————————

The 3rd challenge was to go to the Lego Academy Workshop and build a digital comic using the Legos and the computer together.

legoland 16

legoland 17

legoland 18

legoland 19

legoland 20

legoland 21

legoland 22Here was their digital comic.

legoland 23

legoland 24Here was his prize for participating in the photo shoot.


Of course after the photo shoot, the kids wanted to play so we spent the afternoon at Legoland exploring.  Here are some of the photos:

legoland 25

legoland 26

legoland 27

legoland 28

legoland 29

legoland 30

legoland 31

legoland 32

legoland 33

legoland 34

legoland 35

legoland 36

legoland 37

legoland 39 At the end of the visit we stopped into the Lego Shop and picked Aidan up his first Master Builder Lego Kit.  This is 1 of 4 kits that are made for kids who want to be Master Builders.

I hope he remembers this trip when he gets older.  This was a wonderful opportunity for him to live out one of his dreams.  We are so proud of you Aidan.






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