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“Early” 20th Anniversary Trip to Florida, Part 1 of 3

1 orlando 1For our 20th anniversary, Ronald and I decided to go to Florida.  We decided to go at the end of the summer so that my mom could watch the kids and not have to drive them back and forth to school.  Our actual anniversary is in October.

I am not sure how we have reached 20 married years already.  Time goes by much to quickly.  I am just glad that I have this great guy (above in the purple shirt) by my side.  This will be our first trip away from the kids together.  (So our first trip alone together in about 18 years).

We are huge Harry Potter fans and decided to visit Universal Studios on this visit.  It was an awesome adventure.  An adventure we will be repeating next year with the kids.

I hope you sit back and enjoy the photos from our trip.  I took a ton of photos so it is going to be hard to narrow them down, but I will try.  I think I will post the photos in 3 different parts. 

Part 1 includes: Lazy Moon, Premium Outlets, Winterpark (Romelie & Cheesecake Factory) and Downtown Disney.

Here is Part 1:

1 orlando 2This is the restaurant my best friend Romelie took me to when I went out to visit her earlier this year in March.  This pizza was so yummy that I had to take Ron here to try it.

1 orlando 3
Ron waiting for his huge slice of pizza.

1 orlando 4
These pizza slices were bigger than the plates.  You can actually order a 30″ pizza here.  It barely fits in the back of the car.  If you would like to see what the 30″ pizza looks like, click HERE. (A picture from my Florida visit in March 2014).

1 orlando 5

1 orlando 6 I am ashamed to say that I ate this whole slice.  😦

1 orlando 7
Orlando Premium Outlets.

1 orlando 8 1 orlando 10

1 orlando 9I wanted to check out the Vera Bradley Outlet store here.  I don’t have an actual outlet where I live.  Every year I go to the Vera Bradley Trunk Show in Fort Wayne, IN.  I wanted to see how the prices at the outlet compared to the Trunk Show.  They are actually about the same. 

1 orlando 11
Ronald found his way to the Fudge Shop.  That man can find any candy store, anywhere.

1 orlando 12
Ronald’s favorite.

1 orlando 13
Emerson would really love to have this rock candy.  If only they wouldn’t melt before we got home.


1 orlando 14I surprised my best friend on our visit.  I didn’t tell her I was coming.  I just called her and told her to look behind her.  She was really surprised.  I am so glad I got to visit her again.  Twice in 1 year is really a treat.


1 orlando 15Ron and I at the fountain at Winterpark.

1 orlando 16
Cheesecake Factory goodness.  If you read my Florida post from March 2014, you learned that I got to visit the Cheesecake Factory for the first time.  I decided to bring Ron here so that he could try it out.  I told him they had the best burgers, which is what we both ordered.

1 orlando 17
Ron tasting his mac & cheese burger.  All he did was talk about this burger.  I am so glad I brought him here and he liked it so much.  We were even treated to a free slice of banana cheesecake.  BEST CHEESECAKE EVER!

1 orlando 18

1 orlando 19This is a lego family located at Downtown Disney.  What is so great about it is….. In November 2008 we took a trip here with the kids to visit. (Well, here and Disney World).  One of the Lego Masters was repairing one of the dogs and he let each of us glue a piece back on.  I was surprised to see that it was still here 6 years later, just in a different location.


1 orlando 20

1 orlando 21


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