New Backyard For Huskies

backyard huskies 1

backyard huskies 2The dogs are enjoying their new backyard.  We had to to re-till the whole backyard due to all the holes they made.  These stinkers wait for us to go inside for a few minutes and then cause a lot of mischief. 

Here is a previous post of our backyard HERE.

Here are some different stage photos of our new backyard:

backyard huskies 3

backyard huskies 4

backyard huskies 5

backyard huskies 6

backyard huskies 7

backyard huskies 8

backyard huskies 9It was amazing to watch the backyard transform.  The grass should be even fuller by next fall.  Now I just have to keep a better eye on those two rascals.



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