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More Zoo Adventure

When Emerson & Aidan discovered I took Madison to the zoo a few days ago, they wanted to go as well.  So here I am, two days later, at the zoo.  (And it is the start of their summer vacaton). 🙂 

Our zoo recently added a bird and penguin exhibit and the kids couldn’t wait to see it.  Whenever we travel, we always check to see if there is a zoo nearby and make a point to see it.  It would be amazing to hit all the zoos in the U.S.

zoo adventure 1

zoo adventure 2

zoo adventure 3

zoo adventure 4

zoo adventure 5

zoo adventure 6

zoo adventure 7

zoo adventure 8

zoo adventure 9

zoo adventure 10

zoo adventure 11

zoo adventure 12

zoo adventure 13


zoo adventure 14After the zoo we stopped off at Sonic for some dinner and ice cream.  Another wonderful day spent with my family!


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