Husky Backyard

husky backyard 1We will definitely have to repair our backyard this summer.  These huskies have gone crazy with all their hole digging. It’s funny how they don’t dig while we are out there.  If we go in the house for maybe 5 minutes, we will come out and see 2-3 fresh deep holes dug.  We even set up an area where they could dig, but they avoid that area completely.

Between all their playing and walks, I don’t see how they have the energy to dig holes.  It is definitely a husky thing.  I will just have to make my indoor trips in under a minute.


husky backyard 2 I just can’t resist this face…

husky backyard 3 or this one…. Somewhere on my back there must be a “sucker” sign.

husky backyard 4 These two are definitely spoiled rotten and loved unconditionally.


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