Snack Time








I love to just sit and watch my huskies.  They are just so fascinating!  Liam and Sawyer are just so beautiful.  I love how they play and snack together.  Don’t get me wrong, they can get into trouble like 2 little toddlers.  Huskies definitely aren’t for everyone, but they are definitely meant for our family.  They love to get into everything, and if you turn your back….you will discover that you have 10 holes in your backyard.  I love how Liam & Sawyer don’t bark often.  They love to talk here and there, but more times than not they are quiet.  When they want to go outside, they will come and put their head on my lap and just stare up at me with their pretty blue eyes.  As soon as I open the door and give the word, they are off.  Sometimes they run along the fence in our yard like loons and other times you can see them slowly stalking the squirrels that are brave enough to venture into their domain.


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