Turtle Lightening

Lighting The Turtle 600x600

Here Emerson is with Aidan’s Turtle that he named “Lightening.”  My husband Ron found this little turtle in the parking lot at his work.  Of course he brought it home, like the 4 cats and 3 dogs we have now.  We went out and got it a little aquarium and some food.  We couldn’t get it to eat the pellets, but it did eat a little bit of fresh tuna for one day.  Then it just didn’t want to eat the next few days.  So we decided to set it free at a local crick.  Lightening loved it.  Aidan was sad to see him go, but I am proud of him for doing what was best for his Lightening.  We stopped by the crick the next day and surprisingly we were able to see him in another spot further down the way.  I am sure Aidan will always have a special spot in his heart for his turtle.


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