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Apple Butter Festival & Apple Orchard

This past weekend we continued the annual tradition of going to the Apple Butter Fest & Apple Orchard.  The ABF was crowded full of people as usual.  We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather.  They enjoyed making their own candles and peeling corn.  They got to watch and listen at the canons going off.  The burgers, hot dogs, fries and lemonade were delicious!  Liam even got to go with us this year.  I am still amazed at how perfect the day turned out.  The weather, the kids and Liam were all in harmony.





After the ABF we headed over to the apple orchard.  The kids got to pick their own apples from the trees.  This year we decided to get “Jonathon Apples.”  They were so juicy.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any Granny Smith apples available this year.  It was a little nerve wracking watching them climb so high up in the trees.  We filled up a whole bag in no time.  Then we headed inside the store and bought some cinnamon apple donuts and apple butter.  I have to say that those donuts were the best donuts ever.









 Another great weekend spent with the family!



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